Five Tips to Help Make Sure You Can Handle Your Orders

Your brand has a distinct voice, has attracted loyal customers and represents you. So, when a phone call comes in from a big store with a sizable order, it’s not something you want to turn down. Don’t let lack of capital or resources stand in the way of getting your brand out there. We’ve got some quick tips for you to keep in mind while you’re conquering the industry.

Before Anything, Assess Where You Belong and Make Yourself Visible 

Most brands would love to have a presence in the industry. One way to make yourself available is by taking advantage of existing resources to make the prospective market notice you. You’re not going to get approached by a big store until you have a solid voice, a fleshed-out brand and a decent following. You know who wants your clothing; now make it available to them.

Plan Realistically and Be Ready When Opportunity Strikes

When a new market comes along, it’s going to mean a new volume of production, and the best way to be ready for it is to prepare and plan. Being approached for a big order is a great opportunity to show your retail buyer that you’ve anticipated growth, and that you are ready to prove yourself. That said, make certain that you’re in a place where you can handle the volume they need before you say yes. Don’t bite off more than you can chew and end up embarrassing yourself.

Carefully Streamline What You Have, Efficiency Is Never a Bad Thing  

Production and delivery must be a well-oiled machine. It’s not only for your customers, it’s an absolute must for your business’s bottom line. One way to keep an eye on production every step of the way is to get it all under one roof.

As the brand owner, you should be aware of as many components of the process as possible. Keep an eye on things, because mistakes can be costly. There are fees that penalize vendors for not getting merchandise in on time, potential losses of customers and clients for botched jobs and, of course, no emerging brand wants a bad reputation.

Seek Out New Help. It’s not Weakness, It’s Growth 

If you’re in the position, a new manufacturing system, more employees or even outsourcing might be an option to consider. Getting others to invest in your dream and contribute their hard work is a sign of success.

Finally, Stay on Top of It

Be prepared to ramp up the numbers without sacrificing quality or company culture. Everything you have came from a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck. As your order numbers grow, you should maintain the basic practices that made you successful so far.

Don’t forget the value of creative perseverance. It’s not enough on its own, but it certainly helps.