Three Tips to Make Outsourcing Part of Your Brand

Outsourcing. Imagine all the time you could have for designing, planning, creating and building your brand if you could delegate some of your work to other talented individuals.

The good news: It’s completely obtainable, even for a small emerging brand like yourself. We’ve rounded up a few tips from industry experts that make outsourcing within reach and achievable for anyone.

Tip One: Break Projects into Pieces

Cost is the number one reason emerging brands believe they can’t outsource. However, outsourcing isn’t limited to entire aspects of your business. You have the option to outsource small tasks that you can do, but often don’t have time to do.

Our Advice:

What are the things you can trust other talent to take care of? Designing a website? Writing a press release? Handling accounts? Outsource the small tasks, and spend more time focusing on the big picture.

Tip Two: Unicorns Don’t Exist

We know you’re a talented and creative person with a business mind and all the drive in the world. However, we also know that all your time could be better spent focusing on one or two things you’re really, truly excited about. You could let someone else take some of that weight off of your shoulders by passing off jobs that aren’t necessarily your strengths. Don’t try to be a magical creature that does it all; you’re not.

Our Advice:

Learning every skill necessary to run your emerging brand properly would take up a lot of time. Spend your time wisely, and hand some of that control over. It’s okay, you can do it.

Tip Three: Find the Right People for the Right Task

Enthusiasm can be contagious, so if you’re excited to assign a task to a passionate individual, chances are, they’re going to be excited to help. The right person is out there, and even if you don’t find them on the first try, don’t give up. Keep in mind, hiring people can be expensive, but it’s far better for an individual to do one task well than many tasks poorly.

Our Advice:

There are thousands of freelancers, hundreds of network connections and millions of eager graduates who would love to be part of the industry. Sift through applicants, portfolios and resumes carefully and make sure it’s a fit. Or, you can use freelancing sites like TaskRabbit or Elance.

Finally, as with anything, be flexible, open-minded and ready to learn.