Bitzio Announces Formation of Advisory Board and Founding Members

Designer Ronny Kobo and Veteran Ed Handler Join Advisory Board Bringing Substantial Industry Experience and Global Connections

Los Angeles, CA – March 12, 2014 – Bitzio (OTCQB: BTZO), a fashion acquisition company operating under the trade name, Democratique, announced today the formation of its Advisory Board, along with appointment of two of its founding members.

Democratique has under letter of intent a burgeoning portfolio of apparel and accessory companies, all primed for major growth in the coming years.  As part of its accelerator program, Democratique has created an Advisory Board that shall consist of highly reputable fashion industry experts who will serve as mentors to brand executives.

“The value of the relationship between a start-up and a seasoned professional is immeasurable,” says Tamy Aberson-Sloboda, President of Democratique. “The advice and guidance provided by the mentor not only steers the company in the right direction, but accelerates their progress, bypassing some of the common mistakes made by novice business owners. We are very excited to be assembling a group of talented, seasoned professionals to shepherd our brands to greater success.”

The first member of the new Advisory Board is famed designer Ronny Kobo, CEO and founder of Torn by Ronny Kobo.  Ms. Kobo’s line of women’s statement dresses can be seen on the runways of New York’s Fashion Week to the windows of Sacks Fifth Avenue and are available in over 400 stores internationally.

“What makes me most excited about this opportunity is the chance to work with the Democratique management team, which founded E-Motion Apparel and Sahaja,” commented Ronny Kobo.  “Both have fresh, inspired designs that resonate with me, and have significant potential within the niches in which they operate.  In addition, my experience and relationships can bring their fashion into larger markets and finer department stores, as well as offer knowledge gained from my own personal experience in navigating contracts, juggling manufacturing deadlines, and building seasonal lines that buyers will look for in the future.”

In tandem with Ms. Kobo’s appointment to the Advisory Board, Executive Director Ed Handler from Cohn Handler & Co., has signed on, bringing his 30 years of business development and accounting experience in the fashion industry.

Ed Handler is one of the most well-known and connected players in the emerging apparel industry.  Mr. Handler sits on the California Fashion Association Board of Directors, is a regular guest speaker at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, and has been a highly regarded CPA in the apparel industry working to bring his clients from start-up to millions in just a handful of years.

“I enjoy working with entrepreneurs who have honed their craft and created a successful fashion line,” says Mr. Handler.  “I think of myself as the left-brain to their right-brain.  They have the imagination to design and create, while I offer the business, operational, and accounting advice that allows those dreams to become a profitable reality. You really need both sides to truly succeed and I look forward to helping bring Democratique’s brands to the next level.”

Gordon McDougall, CEO of Democratique, had this to say about the creation of the Advisory Board, “The role of the advisor is to help shape the companies’ strategy for success by sharing their experiences – both failures and successes – while expanding their network of professionals, and connecting them to a larger knowledge base of veteran experts in the field.  The appointments of Ronny and Ed provide us with a collective knowledge and contact base that we believe will significantly augment our current portfolio, and attract additional high caliber acquisitions in the future.”

Democratique ( is a business accelerator model that acquires emerging apparel brands just past the start-up stage, pairs them with a talented team of experienced apparel industry experts, and equips them with the resources needed to take their brands to the next level.